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ICER is a cross industry association focusing on WEEE and other environmental issues affecting electronic and electrical equipment.

ICER membership

With new UK WEEE Regulations in place from January 2014, ICER is the key forum for industry to work with government and regulators on WEEE issues.

Through ICER, members can channel views to decision-makers, influence developments and get practical problems resolved.

ICER brings together stakeholders from different parts of the supply chain, including waste management companies, WEEE treatment operators, producers, retailers, trade associations and compliance schemes. We welcome large and small organisations.


Special interest groups

Members are also involved in ICER’s working groups, which focus on the interests of different sectors. These look at specific aspects of the WEEE system as well as issues arising from other environmental legislation affecting electrical and electronic equipment.

Contact us on 020 7729 4766 or email membership@icer.org.uk


ICER groups

ICER membership means being part of a key industry network from which government and regulators seek input.


ICER for AATFs and the waste industry

ICER has a dedicated AATF group which is the voice for WEEE treatment operators. It is the way to keep on top of developments and to work with the environment agencies and government on practical implementation issues. Members are listed free in ICER’s online Recyclers Directory.

To find out more email membership@icer.org.uk or call 020 7729 4766


ICER for producers

ICER provides an independent view to help producers evaluate the new WEEE system and understand the issues facing other stakeholders. The ICER Producers Forum considers the impact of the WEEE legislation and also tackles a broader range of environmental challenges affecting EEE.

To find out more email membership@icer.org.uk or call 020 7729 4766


ICER for compliance schemes

ICER is the place for producer compliance schemes to work with treatment operators and the waste industry on issues that affect them jointly and to meet regularly with government and regulators. Members are listed free in ICER’s online Directory of Producer Compliance Schemes.

To find out more email membership@icer.org.uk or call 020 7729 4766



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